Sneak Peek.

EdaciousLogo-Screen-MED300cropped-EdaciousIcon-RGB-Screen-512.jpgI just got off the phone with tech support. Because I’m just old enough to where I can do some things but not others. So when I went to change my email address and it started asking me whether or not I wanted to create an alias I backed away from the computer like it was a bomb. Because in my world “alias” means Witness Protection. Visions of GoodFellas started dancing in my head. Not to mention the fact a few weeks ago I mistook a “remove” command as a “delete” command and risked losing my podcast feed. Forever. That my friends was NOT a good day at all.

Needless to say I’d rather leave the tough stuff up to the professionals. Luckily, and despite Mercury being in Retrograde until 5/22, I was only on the phone an hour. Which is a miracle considering the level of my fog brain these days. Fifteen straight days of rain will do that to a person. Yuck. When this happens everyone jokes about building an ark but seriously? I may have to venture out to Home Depot for supplies if I don’t see some sun soon. Did we suddenly move to Venus? Sheesh.

This is my long-winded way of saying I’ve got a new email address! As always, you can get me through the Contact Page at contact at edacious dot co. But as of today, you can also email me at jeneelibby at Ain’t life grand?

And since I hate to post a blog with only an email update announcement, here is a sneak peek of my new logos! The lovely and uber-talented graphic designer Kristin Adolfson of Still Point Press Design Studio is diligently working on a new website which will hopefully be done by early summer. It looks stupendous, and every time I visit her and see it coming together I want to dance a jig. I’m supposed to wait and hit you with everything at once. But I’m so excited I couldn’t wait to share the gorgeous new logos she created for me. Aren’t they great?! What do you think?

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