Self Sabotage and Appalachian Food Summit.

Self Sabotage and Appalachian Food Summit.

IMG_3040Self sabotage. What do you do about it? I have a crap ton of stuff to get completed this week, a multitude of appointments, and without fail whenever that happens, I shut down. It’s like my productivity is as fragile as a moth wing. One blow of breath and it all falls to shit. Woke up Monday morning ready to work and with one look at the constant rain combined with one guy who canceled at the last minute, thus setting into motion the rearrangement of all my week’s appointments (I could picture them falling like dominoes), I decided, “Yeah I’m done. I’m over it. Where’s my bed?”

I don’t like this about myself, and yes, I certainly realize this isn’t healthy. But I can’t seem to anticipate when my psyche decides to shut down. And when The Sloth rears its ugly head, I can’t seem to stop it. That’s what I call it. The Sloth. As in, “Uh oh, The Sloth is back.”

I know it’s related to fear of success. Trust me. Any modicum, any droplet of compliments or hint that I might be headed down a golden road causes me to decide no, I’m too much of a fuckup, too ill equipped to be THAT woman. I’ll just remain the one I’ve always been instead. Like my favorite guitarist Francis Dunnery says, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

But it’s my journey. One I continually battle and attempt to conquer. Shared with all of you not to complain, but because I suspect there are others out there besides me. I started this podcast to connect, so fuck it, I’m getting vulnerable and connecting.

And yeah, there are some pretty awesome things happening in Edacious World. Sometime in the past week the podcast surpassed 10,000 downloads. Wow. Eternally grateful guys. You are the reason I’m doing this. And doing it on a regular basis, something I cannot say has ever happened. So thank you for that.

And this weekend, I’ll be attending my very favorite wonderful food gathering in the entire world. The Appalachian Food Summit. For three whole days I get to sit and chat and eat and drink with some of the most incredible food folks in the South at Heartwood in Abingdon, Virginia. Appalachian food is my family’s food, my history. Last year when I learned a small group of like-minded folks would be developing a gathering focused around soup beans, corn bread, and collard greens, I knew I was in. I traveled all the way to the hills of Kentucky by myself scared to death. Winding up and around the rolling hills of the holler in the dark, and because I’d never met any of these people before. I need not have worried. We shared a cabin, drank lots of West Virginia Smooth Ambler, and listened to live banjo music as well as the Merle Haggard records Chef Travis Milton brought. Heaven.

I have no doubt this year’s gathering will be equally epic, and I’m excited to share it all with you! I’ll be Instagramming the event and podcasting! Four folks have agreed to take time out of the festivities to speak with me and I plan to race home, edit like a madman, and proclaim October “Appalachian Food Summit Month” on Edacious. That means a podcast PER WEEK, EVERY FRIDAY, for four weeks. This will be a trial run to see if I should go to a weekly podcast in 2016. Wish me luck!

So stay tuned to hear the stories of food writer and Virginia Distillery Company spokesperson Kendra Bailey Morris, food writer Ronni Lundy, food artist Amy Cameron Evans, and Chef Travis Milton of Shovel and Pick, formerly of Comfort. I cannot wait. It’s going to be good folks.

This Friday? We’ve got Dawn Story of Farmstead Ferments. Fermented foods like collard kraut and sour corn are staples of Appalachian cuisine so my interview with Dawn is the perfect segue to Appalachian Food Month at Edacious. We discussed the health benefits, its origins, and how easy it is to incorporate fermented food into your daily diet. We even did shots. Of pickle juice. It was a fun, informative talk and I know you’ll love it. Watch this space.

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