Here Lately.

Well, heck. As my Muddy used to say after sighing heavily. I’ve been trying to create a beautifully polished and brilliant piece of food writing here for you guys every other week, but like the sunshine here lately, sometimes the best-laid plans go to shit LOL! So instead, I figured for at least the next little while, until my business course at CIC finishes up, and maybe for a bit after that, I’ll just be chatty and let you know what I’ve been up to foodwise and otherwise. Deal? Similar to what The Maron does weekly with his Dispatches. Maybe with a touch less self-loathing.

First up. What is this? I’ve been finding it EVERYWHERE in my garden. I do square foot gardening on my deck after years of digging up red clay and fighting with deer. This is so much easier for a lazy ass like me who just wants to sow seeds and watch them grow. Maybe spray with Neem if there are critters. But this year these little fellas are popping up all over. Is it cress? Something else? They’re awfully cute and smell a bit like mustard greens, but they are also prolific, growing in tight clumps in my okra, my tomatoes…

Is it from the rain? Speaking of rain, can we please stop? I mean, just stop. I’ve prided myself on my newly-founded sense of ACCEPTANCE as a result of daily meditation, but I’ll admit when it poured a gullywasher, again, on Tuesday as I was driving home from Arlington, I shook my fist at the sky and screamed at the weather to just stop it because I was hydroplaning off the road and starting to feel like that girl in the Ray Bradbury story who got locked in a closet! Yep, me the meditation guru trying to force the weather to behave. Back to the mat for more training is obviously needed.

Why was I in Arlington? Tuesday morning I got a “Wild Hair” as my Momma used to say and decided to enact the GRAND GESTURE for Scotty’s 51st birthday. A birthday we didn’t think we’d see. Gesture here meaning go buy a sack of Hate Chicken Biscuits (Shhhhh….well-intentioned liberal folks like us aren’t supposed to like Hate Chicken) then hightail it to Arlington in time for the Wendy Williams Show. Also his favorite. I wanted to surprise him with his favorite breakfast and maybe help clean his apartment for birthday visitors. Always a dicey proposition because in this iPhone Age the days of just dropping by with food are rare and met with a fake, “Oh how nice!” pasted-on-smile when you really just want to be in your jammies absolutely alone. Or worse, you’re met with outright disdain. I was hoping for at least the former, but happily, got neither. Scotty was grateful to see me and we spent the day chowing down, gossiping, laughing, and cleaning his entire apartment while music played loudly in equal measure. Who knew scrubbing a toilet could be a profoundly blissful experience? I guess it’s all in the company you keep.

So yeah, while an entire day of driving and scrubbing wore this lady out, I woke up with a major high yesterday at having helped a friend. The girl at the Hate Chicken Drive Thru called me “Miss”, my buddy was ecstatic to see me, the sun shone yesterday and seems to want to hang around for a bit, and I had an Il Bicerin at Gearhart’s with a dear friend and mentor who helped me through some tough times by showing me that the possibilities are endless. And lie within me. Life is good. I hope it is right now for you too.

If it isn’t? Do this. In short order. Go get some free doughnuts for National Doughnut Day tomorrow, then take a walk while eating your free doughnut. Call a friend and tell them you love them. Even better, drop in as a surprise. Take them doughnuts because, um, DOUGHNUTS. Then tomorrow night, listen to the song below, LOUD, dance around a bit, then cue up my new favorite movie, 20th Century Women. Not only is it a fantastic true story, it’s a lovely meditation on what it means to be a woman in this world. What it means to be a man. What it means to live a truly actualized life. Plus Annette Bening is a GODDESS. How she didn’t win the Oscar for this is beyond me. Then check out my newsletter, out tomorrow, and tune in next week for my talk with Tim Gearhart of Gearhart’s Fine Chocolates. We discuss what success means in this business. Why including community initiatives are important. How his military background helped shape his life’s course. Plus, you’ll find out what’s in an Il Bicerin! Good stuff. BIG LOVE! Jenée

“And my future is down memory lane…Cause the present is much too hard…Soldier, this is your life…”
—Francis Dunnery

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