Growing Pains. And Tom Tom.

TomTomI feel like sometimes maybe I should just tattoo “Baby Steps” on one forearm, and “Just Show Up” on the other. Be a walking billboard of self-help and encouragement or something. Because it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, the minute I wake up I dread all that I have to do. I’m convinced I’ll get nothing done or fail miserably and the best thing to do is just to crawl back under the covers.

My brain is incapable of looking at the first step of the journey that is my day. Even though I have had successful, productive days in the past, the minute I wake up all I can see is this mountain of work. Instead of looking at my feet to see where my first step should go, I’m gazing at the top, at the next thing, the next job, the next task, the pinnacle I’ll probably never reach. But I’ll do my damnedest to try by placing anything and everything on a “To Do” list that is never ending and will never be finished. Jeez no wonder I want to crawl under the covers.

But I get up, say “Baby Steps” to myself about a thousand times, OUT LOUD. Thankfully I work from home so the men in the white coats haven’t come for me. Yet. And I usually get a few things done. Such is life. #firstworldproblems Miniscule in the scope of things. This is my journey and I’m grateful to have so many opportunities going on that I have a mountain to climb at all. Got a new website in the works, tons of new interviews lined up, creating a new logo, thinking about merch, planning a Patreon page, and thinking about how to gather sponsors for this little podcast so I can get bigger, better equipment and take my voice out into the wide world to celebrate all the great people doing THE FOOD WORK. I’m also working on two books and a huge blog post for next week outlining where I think this podcast should go. I’ve got big plans people and I hope you will be there for them.

First things first. Tomorrow I’m hosting TWO (count ’em two) panels for this year’s Tom Tom Festival all about starting and maintaining a food business. Do you make really great pickles and think you could do it for a living? Got a great idea for a restaurant? Want to turn your craft beer hobby into a business? This is the event you should attend. Details here. Saturday once again I’ll be judging this year’s Iron Chef competition, where local chefs compete against one another by using products obtained from the Charlottesville City Market to create something delicious in 30 minutes. It’s like Chopped and the Top Chef Quickfire Challenge all rolled into one. Eating and judging in front of throngs of people is kind of anxiety-inducing but I had such fun last year I immediately threw my hand up when they asked for volunteers. So come on down to the City Market Saturday. If you ask nice I might even share. And I’ll see you tomorrow at the Food Business Summit at the Paramount. It’s only my second time moderating, but I just keep telling myself as long as I don’t pass out, have a coughing fit, or do something so stupendously embarrassing that I end up on the news, I’ll be fine. See you there!

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