Cricket Magic.

I found myself standing in the Target checkout line this morning staring at a bug. A cricket actually. Yes, amongst the gift cards and the tabloids screaming the latest Kardashian drama was a small brown cricket stepping delicately, light as a feather. My first thought? Honestly, “What the fuck is that?” crossed my mind. Then I became transfixed by his purposeful, deliberate movements. Peaceful steps. Almost like he was walking on water. So determined to get wherever he was going. As I watched I became equally determined he not end his life here in a Target checkout line at the hands of some scaredy-cat toddler or overzealous Beige Banger Sister.

So while the cashier looked on with confused bewilderment, I reached out my hand. The cricket hopped lightly onto my arm almost as if he’d been waiting for me. Slowly he stepped up my shirtsleeve before settling into a comfortable position on my shoulder. Where he stayed. And stayed. While I got my debit card out of my wallet, bagged my items, grabbed my keys and sunglasses, and slung all three plastic bags onto my other arm. It was like he knew my intent. It was like he recognized a friend. Cricket magic.

Together we walked out into the sunlight. Now what? I panicked for maybe half a second, took a long breath, and headed over to some bushes underneath a small tree. Because I figured he’d prefer the shade. Yes, it was in a parking lot. Not exactly The Enchanted Forest but better than the alternative. Taking another breath, determined to see this through, I placed my bags down and nudged him with a finger. But he wasn’t going anywhere. In my human condition I imagined him looking at me. Asking, are you sure? Maybe he was just too shocked and stunned by the fresh air. Maybe he’d lived his whole life in the Target and was now so out of his element he couldn’t move. Maybe he hated me.

I nudged him again, whispering gently, “Go on. It’s okay.” And as the last syllable left my mouth, he leaped. In my human condition I imagined a leap of joy. So high and far I didn’t see where he went. I carefully checked my hair, my shirt, my bags. But he was gone. Just like that. And at the realization my heart panged with a sharp jab before I could stop it. My shoulder suddenly felt empty. I missed him. Weird huh? All of this took place in the space of maybe three minutes. And yet I missed my new little friend. I hope he’s happy. I hope he found some other crickets to tell about his adventure with the crazy lady giant who gave him a ride out of Target.

What did people around me think? Who the fuck cares. That’s the great thing about living awake. You see things others don’t. You dare things others won’t. I might as well be wearing a tee shirt with “ZERO FUCKS” emblazoned across the chest. That’s how I feel. I’m through being afraid because when you live in a constant state of fear you miss out. When you live your life half asleep you never discover the magic.

I kick myself sometimes for sleeping through my life for so long. For taking too much time to show up. Even today, I almost didn’t reach my hand out. The proper societal part of me, that annoying inside voice, kept scolding in a nasally monotone that I was late, I didn’t have time, I had too many other errands to run to worry about saving a bug.

But I did do it. I saved a life. A tiny one for sure but life energy nonetheless. I walked away from the experience with a little blue glow burning inside my heart that wasn’t there before. A glow that’s still bright even now. Plus I have a pretty great story to share with all of you. So take a minute. Take a few deep breaths. Look around. Wake yourself up. Find the wonder. Because it truly is all about you. Even in a Target checkout line.


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  • Lisa


    Beautiful story and so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your magic. 🙂

    • Jenée Libby


      Thank you so much! Really appreciate it. I love when life surprises you while you’re running errands 😉