Big Love.

My best friend, Scotty Nichols, is determined to beat his Stage 3 cancer. But the bills are mounting. Can you help? Thank you. No amount is too small.

“As around the sun the earth knows she’s revolving
And the rosebuds know to bloom in early May
Just as hate knows love’s the cure
You can rest your mind assured
That I’ll be loving you always…”
—Stevie Wonder

I was listening to “As” the other day, the George Michael version, paying tribute. Feeling a bit of the Winter Blues when my best friend Scotty Facetimed to chat. I took the call even though I HATE Facetime with a passion. I did it because of those lyrics. Because that’s what you do for your best friend. For someone who you will love always.


Scotty Nichols and I have been friends for 30 years. We met while working together at Mrs. Field’s Cookies in the food court at Willow Lawn. Already jaded by life in our early 20’s, we bonded quickly, developing a close, life-long friendship. Even when we lost touch for over a decade, I never forgot him. I’d hear a song or see a movie and think, “Scotty should see this. We should judge it together immediately.” When we reconnected 7 years ago (thank you Facebook) I was so grateful to have my friend back.

Why? Scotty keeps me grounded. He calls me on my stuff and never lets me doubt myself. He has this keen ability to cut through the chaff of life, to help you see where you’re directing your energy, your efforts, is entirely wrong. He fixes you. He’d make an excellent psychologist because he’s talked me off the ledge more than once. Scotty’s the friend you can completely open up to, be yourself with. He sees all your wrinkles and loves you anyway.

Despite living with HIV/AIDS for 11 years and surviving multiple life-threatening health scares, including kidney cancer, Scotty has always come back to good health, even recently pulling himself out of medical bill-induced bankruptcy. All the while maintaining an optimistic outlook. He NEVER lets it defeat him, incorporating each situation into his life as if to say, “Okay, this is my new normal. What’s next? How do we beat this?”


Now he’s facing another, potentially greater struggle. Scotty has been diagnosed with Stage 3B anal cancer, the 3rd-most diagnosed form of cancer in men. It has spread to his lymph nodes. He’s been through 4 weeks of radiation and 1 round of chemotherapy. His chance for survival is 50%. The future is uncertain. A second screening in a few weeks will determine whether or not doctors should operate, or if Scotty makes plans for hospice care. We all remain extremely optimistic, because we’ve seen his positive outlook and unbelievable strength work miracles more than once.


What is certain are the bills associated with cancer. Scotty has worked in hospitality for 20 years, first as a bartender, then as a concierge with the Omni on Capitol Hill and most recently as a DC tour guide operator. As we know, the hospitality industry is lacking when it comes to providing adequate medical care for employees. Cancer is expensive. One PET scan is $14K. By donating to Scotty’s fund you will ensure he’ll be able to tackle the mounting medical bills and begin planning for the future. Knowing him, he has big plans.

Scotty’s unconditional friendship has made my life more. It’s time to give some love back. I know there are hundreds if not thousands of folks out there who know Scotty and have been the beneficiary of his special brand of sardonic wisdom and humor. If you’ve loved him, rolled your eyes at him, laughed at his jokes or been uplifted by his “constant obnoxious optimism” (his words) or even if you’ve never met him, please consider donating. You’ll be helping an amazing person, a dear friend, a real ray of light in a world that too often places its focus on the undeserving. No amount is too small. Thank you so much. I’m forever grateful for your generosity.


All funds will go toward the following:

He has only been able to work intermittently, so most funds will go towards making sure he has a roof over his head.

Medical Bills
Despite the various programs he’s enrolled in to help ease the burden, there are still many bills that need handling.

Food, Medical Supplies, Etc.
Meals on Wheels is delivering, but your donation will make sure he has all the necessities to be able to stay comfortable and heal at home.

Don’t want to pay online? This campaign can accept offline donations! Contact me  or comment somewhere within this campaign and I’ll give you the information. Thank you! And as Scotty would say, “Big Love!”

The Hubby, Scott, and me during better days…


Christmas 2016 selfie!


Scotty, The Hubby, and Me at Bizou from Jenée Libby on Vimeo

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