Big Love Bake Sale.

Community. Connection. Face-to-face, real interaction. These are the tenets behind Edacious. So I’m very pleased to announce the very first Edacious fundraiser, the Big Love Bake Sale. On Saturday, April 15th from 9am-noon, head on down to Charlottesville City Market, meet me, then help out one of our own. Someone who’s worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years as a concierge where part of his job was recommending and working with local restaurants. Someone who treats every guest like they are visiting his own home. Someone who’s battling stage 3B colorectal cancer. Someone who is worrying how he will pay his bills when he can no longer do what he does best – help people have the greatest travel experience possible. Someone who just happens to be my best friend.

Scotty Nichols means the world to me. We met while working together at Mrs. Field’s Cookies so of course our bake sale will have chocolate chip, but this time they will come from our virtuoso pie baker, Rachel Pennington of The Pie Chest. She’s also donating their world famous Oatmeal Creme Pies which sell out the minute they’re baked. Speaking of pie, Cville Pie Fest award winner, and recent WTJU Soup There It Is!  award winner Justin Vesser will be bringing a baked good of his own creation. If his contest entries are any indication, it’s sure to be genius. Speaking of genius, our own mad scientist gelato genius PK Ross from Splendora’s Gelato will be bringing three varieties of vegan cupcakes (Thai Tea anyone?) and chutney guru David Hopper of Chutney Ferret Industries is donating a condiment gift pack for raffling.

Did someone say raffle? As those obnoxious TV announcers always shout, “There are so many chances to win!” In addition to chutney, we’ll have cookbooks from the Virginia Festival of the Book, a chocolate factory tour plus a 32-piece box from Gearhart’s Fine Chocolates (worth over $200), a WTJU tee shirt, and Edacious merch! Every purchase comes with a FREE Edacious sticker and all proceeds will go directly to the Scotty Nichols Cancer Fund, so my friend of 30 years can concentrate on healing instead of where his next rent check comes from.

Why Big Love? It’s something Scotty has said ever since I’ve known him. Kind of like “Aloha” in Hawaii. He says it when he sees you, he says it as a farewell, he says it when he’s getting ready to drop a hard truth on you, and he says it just to say it. Big Love and Scotty are ubiquitous and interchangeable. There is never one without the other. It’s his calling card, his catch phrase, and his philosophy for living. And really, how appropriate is it that everyone is coming together to sell cookies. Because that is the story of how this whole thing got started. How we met. Our origin story.

I’m a big believer in signs, when the world reveals its magic to you and the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. The enchanted sources behind this bake sale are no different. Late one night when I was jet-lagged tired, punchy, and barely able to form a sentence after my work with the book festival, I got to thinking. I’d reserved a table for Edacious at Tom Tom. I knew thousands of folks would attend. Opportunity was knocking. How could I turn this into a chance to help my friend? I messaged Pie Chest Rachel and she came up with the name. Then offered to bake. “Pies?” I asked. That could get messy. “No silly, COOKIES!” Hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Of course. I looked at my calendar. The 13th was a podcast day. Scotty and I had recorded one back in January. The 13th was Brian’s birthday, Scotty’s husband. More hairs stand up. This was happening. I started to cry, both at the fortuitous signs and Rachel’s complete and quick willingness to help. I actually saw the ships of my life lining up into the wind. THIS was the reason I’d organized so many fundraising events for others. THIS was the reason I’d spent so many years in development, work I hated. All that training so I could help my friend. Wow. Ain’t life wonderfully magical and grand sometimes?

Let’s make this first Edacious fundraiser a resounding success! Listen to Scotty’s story, as well as our story, this Thursday then head down to the market on Saturday and buy a baked good. Get a raffle ticket. Feel good about helping out somebody who has spent so much of his life helping others. Spread some Big Love around. See you there!

Big Love Bake Sale
Tom Tom Founder’s Festival, Cville City Market
Saturday April 16th – 9am to noon

Items for Sale – Suggested Donation of $5 Plus a Free Edacious Sticker!

The Pie Chest:
Cookies – Dark Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Creme Pies, Peanut Butter, Monster, and Cherry Pecan Oatmeal

Splendora’s Gelato:
Vegan cupcakes – Thai Iced Tea, Chocolate, Olive Oil

Justin Vesser – Winner of the 2015 Cville Pie Fest and the 2017 WTJU Soup There It Is! Contests:
To be determined, but you just KNOW it’s going to be phenomenal.

Items for Raffle – $10 per Ticket Plus a Free Edacious Sticker!

Gearharts Fine Chocolates – Chocolate Factory Tour and 32-Piece Box
Virginia Festival of the Book – Collection of Cookbooks
Chutney Ferret Industries – Chutney Gift Pack
WTJU – Tee Shirt
Edacious – Food Talk for Gluttons – Tee shirts and Mugs

Can’t attend? Please click to donate to Scotty’s GoFund Me campaign. No amount is too small. Even $5 can fund an Uber trip to the doctor’s office. Thank you so much. Big Love.

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