Beach Stupor.

Have you missed my blog posts? I’ve missed writing them. No excuses here especially because in the past 2 years I think I have spent an inordinate amount of time in blog posts explaining why I haven’t written more blog posts. Tiring even to me, the Queen of Rationalization.

There is a reason though for the latest lapse. I’ve been woolgathering. Dreaming big dreams for the podcast. Trying to figure out how a middle-aged woman with limited energy resources and a chronic neck condition can make them all come true without causing major injury either to herself or to her pocketbook. I want to have a dedicated place to podcast. I’m just putting that out into the world right now. Because I’ve found when you do that, nice things happen.

Although recording at Sarah’s shop has been wonderful, it is a workplace. She can’t always throw open her door to me, hand me a foster kitten, and say, “Talk as long as you want.” The woman has a business to run! So do I. What started as a hobby has become a passion project. One I’d like to expand further into a money-making business where all of the money goes right back into it. For improvements like better equipment. Or a dedicated recording space. Whether that takes form of a small closet-sized office (all I need) or a podcast “food truck” I latch onto the back of my teenage-aged hatchback is yet to be seen. I do love the idea of having a little “Canned Ham” I could take to events for live shows. Or roll up in a parking lot if where I need to record is just too damn loud. When did they start including decibel levels in restaurant reviews anyway? Hmmm…..more wool gathering.

I do my best mind knitting at the shore. Gazing at the waves, letting the roar of them wash over me. The regularity of the waves ever pushing forward and forward and forward put me into a kind of stupor. I gaze and relax and feel all the everyday tensions run down my mind’s drain. I might even drool a little. Passerby might feel the need to call the white coats but I’m just thinking. About the big stuff.

Big stuff like finding a dedicated space. Like creating a press kit. Like overhauling my newsletter so it goes out every week with a little bit of food news, a little bit of articles that have moved me, and a little bit of my own mind meanderings. Creating a Patreon page so folks who want to support the podcast are able to and when they do, receive super cool podcast-related merch. Maybe starting a GoFundMe for that Canned Ham. Getting more sponsorships to pay for all the gas and ticket fees for those live events I’ll be doing. Big stuff like forming an entire food podcast community here in Charlottesville similar to what they have in NYC at the Heritage Radio Network. Folks have told me people won’t support an idea like that. I think they’re wrong. We already have two experienced podcasters here in Erin Scala (who you will hear in a few weeks) and Josh Hunt. Yeah, he’s not podcasting now, but he did once. And I bet he would again. And me makes three. That’s a start! All around me I see food folks helping other food folks with their projects, their goals, and their dreams. To say they wouldn’t support a project like this? Not bloody likely. Besides, I love a challenge. Because it gives me a chance to do more wool gathering.

I’m also writing a book about a story that has lived in my mind and on my heart for 25 years. It needs to be told, to fly out of me and live on the page because frankly I’m tired of carrying it around. That’s what I spent my beach stupor time doing as well. Writing my first book. And yes, it does include food. Especially since an agent once told me, “You’re a food writer, so any book you write had BETTER include food.” I’ll keep you posted.

This year has seen my listenership grow by leaps and bounds and a brand new website with improved navigation features as well as a newsletter. All good stuff. But it’s time to grow again. I’m so grateful for your past support and encouragement Charlottesville. Here’s hoping you’ll be there for the next chapter. Cheers. New episode, as always, up next Thursday!


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  • The folks at the IX Art Park have applied for one of these, you could do remote interviews in it, maybe local ones too.

    I’ve loved hosting you and eavesdropping on your recording sessions the past year and a half and can’t wait to read your book. Please come visit me in Tahoe any time 🙂

    • Jenée Libby


      Thanks Sara! I’ve enjoyed working with you too! It’s been a wonderful partnership and thank you so much for giving me the space and opportunity to grow. I really appreciate your ongoing support of the podcast. Wow, that’s a great concept. Hope it makes it to Cville!