Artistic Pause.

shutterstock_349740218I tend to operate at two speeds: freeze or fry. Now I get that this metaphor doesn’t entirely fit. Freeze or fry tends to describe the conditions of a hotel room HVAC system, designed as such so you will spend as little time in said room as possible. At least according to one of my best friends who’s been a concierge for 25 years and knows so much inside scoop he edited that tell all, “Heads in Beds” with a giant red marker. Yeah, like DeNiro he’s “heard tings”.

In any case I took last week off. REALLY off. I didn’t write anything, record anything, barely answered email and did not promote squat. Well, maybe a little. After all a social media platform is like a plant. If you don’t water, it will shrivel up and die. Why the break? Simply put, my tank was on “E”. Big fat “E” for empty. I’d spent the past 12 weeks doing some pretty major stuff for the podcast: traveling and interviewing a nationally-recognized chef, meeting with a web designer to discuss a new site and logo (*gasp*) for the podcast, prepping for my first ever panel as part of the VA Book Fest, producing a first anniversary podcast special, and becoming deeply involved with a major project and career highlight that I can’t even talk about yet! In a month or so I can, promise.

All of this is good stuff. All of this is new stuff. Improvement stuff. Stuff that teaches me and causes me to expand both my writing and personal goals. Stretching boundaries. And testing limits because as you know if you’ve followed me for any length of time, I’m not an extrovert. If you described me as one of Winnie the Pooh’s gang I’m not even Piglet. I’m the mouse standing BEHIND Piglet. Twitching. Darting eyes. Looking for an exit Piglet.

So yeah, while all of this was great and I met some terrific new people, it was taxing. I lay in bed one night actually twitching from the amount of social interaction I’d had. Which was beyond weird. Guys, I was actually twitching. If anyone needed a valium the size of a cookie, it was me. All I had was chamomile tea. A piss poor substitute.

Is there such a thing as social PTSD? If not, I may have discovered it. Three months of constant discourse and new projects, some so new I had to actually sit for a few hours and brainstorm a way to do it, or ask a lot of questions. It’s taxing on the spirit. So I took what I like to call an Artistic Pause. A small break to not only recharge my batteries, but to take a brief look back on all the huge stuff I accomplished in such a short time. Rather than steaming ahead to the next new thing, and there is plenty of that believe me, I’ll talk about it in a minute, I took a week to breathe. To nap, reflect, look at the sunny sky, take walks with my dog, and even though it isn’t natural for me, to clap myself on the back for a job well done. The stomach flu I caught Monday morning wasn’t fun, but the rest of the week? Wonderful. I highly recommend it.

This is why my sometimes incoherent ramblings didn’t grace this website last week. But now I’m back to normal. Sort of. I admit the more the weather warms and the sun shines I’m experiencing lengthy moments of Spring Fever. Which means sitting and writing is like walking through wet cement. Woe is me, right? I can see you all rubbing your fingers imitating tiny violins of pity from here.

So what’s down the pike for Edacious? I’m meeting this week with the web designer to go over the new design. It will happen before the end of 2016 folks. My podcast with Nadjeeb Chouaf of Flora Artisanal Cheese is up Thursday and in two weeks I’ll be talking with Leni Sorenson, food historian, food self-reliance master and all around kickass broad. I’m also in talks to have interviews with Erin Scala of Petit Pois, Martha Stafford of The Charlottesville Cooking School, Ian Glomski of Vitae Spirits, and Phyllis Hunter, who is better known as The Spice Diva! As well as a host of other local food professionals doing great things with edibles in our area. They’re coming out of the woodwork so fast I can barely keep up. A very good thing.

I’m also working on a blog post for next week outlining a new development slash focus for the podcast that I’m really excited about. I read an article and got inspired. You will too, believe me.

This on top of the Iron Chef competition on April 16th as part of the Tom Tom Festival! Yes, I’ll be eating food in front of large groups of people. Again. And judging it. And hosting TWO (count them two) panels as part of the festival. Yikes. Maybe I should take another week off to rest up because looks like there may be more PTSD in my future.

Are there any folks you would like to hear in the coming months on Edacious? Any topics you’d like discussed? Let me know in the comments! And like Bartles and James, we thank you for your support. Hmm, they don’t really make wine coolers anymore. Might be time for a more up-to-date hacky food reference. . .

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