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087 – Virginia Wine Dinner, Caromont Farm

087 – Virginia Wine Dinner, Caromont Farm


Dinner Work. With Lots and Lots of Community Effort. Welcome to a very special Thanksgiving episode! In this season of gratitude, I’m feeling very grateful for so many things, both personal and professional. What better way to celebrate that gratitude than with an event by the community for the community.

Farm dinners at Caromont happen twice a year, at the beginning of the season to celebrate new growth, and at the end to celebrate harvest. Ceremonial beginnings and endings. All food is locally sourced and prepared by Food Folks who live and work in this region. They’ve become so popular I often see the same faces around the table, smiling, sipping wine, and introducing the newbies to the magic that is Caromont Farm.

So when cheesemaker Gail Hobbs-Page asked me to record the event I did a happy dance. After listening to the results? I did another. And felt very grateful I captured this moment with sound. This Thanksgiving, as you travel and cook and take deep breaths because your Uncle Raymond said something idiotic, I hope you’ll take a moment to be grateful for the things you have, rather than spending time dwelling on the things you want. After experiencing the 3rd Annual Farm Dinner at Caromont once again through audio, I find I have very much indeed. I wish you peace, joy, BIG LOVE, and extra stuffing. Happy Thanksgiving!

Speakers you will hear in this episode:

Gail Hobbs-PageFarm Dinner Host and owner of Caromont Farm.
Ian Boden – Chef of The Shack in Staunton, Virginia.
Corry Blanc – Blacksmith at Blanc Creatives.
Vu Nguyen – Of Blanc Creatives.
Brian Noyes and Dwight McNeill – Of Red Truck Rural Bakery.

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Click on the Flickr album below to see all the pics and videos from the Third Annual Virginia Wine Dinner at Caromont Farm! Happy Thanksgiving!

3rd Annual Virginia Wine Dinner at Caromont Farm

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