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One of my passions is getting people to try and enjoy hard cider. But how do we do this? What are the gateways? Tastings? Pairing with food? As a cocktail ingredient?

Cider is the fastest-growing beverage in the beer market. But it’s mostly watered-down mass-produced Angry Orchard. What I’m talking about is craft cider. Cider produced in small batches by folks passionate about their product. Folks like Tim Edmond and Dan Potter of Potter’s Craft Cider.

Dan and Tim saw a need in the market for high quality small batch cider in the same way small brewers saw a need for craft beer in the 1980’s. It’s that grass roots, DIY attitude that makes their cider shine. If you can make it yourself and make it exactly the way you want it, it’s always going to taste better. This isn’t Alpenglow or even Strongbow or Woodchuck. This is CRAFT cider folks. The craft cider category is being defined as we speak and Dan and Tim are lucky enough to be riding the crest of that wave.

The creation of their first cider batch was a happy accident after an agricultural tragedy when they lost their barley crop to floods. They’ve never looked back. In addition to their Farmhouse Dry, a bright, crisp beverage similar to a French cider, Dan and Tim have developed blends incorporating hops, or peaches, or raspberries, or honey, or juniper. My personal favorite is the Oak Barrel Reserve aged in apple brandy barrels from a local distillery. A calvados without the liquor burn.

Cider is gluten free and a bright accompaniment to any dish. It pairs well with charcuterie, pork, venison, duck, or nutty cheeses like comté or gruyère. The bright, light acid cuts through the fattiness and just tastes extraordinary. We had it with our Thanksgiving turkey.

Their energy and passion is infectious. Felt like I was talking to a couple of vintners. Cider production is similar to wine both in the way its made and in the selection of apples for blends or other ciders types made from one single variety of apple.

What are the four qualities of good cider? What unusual ingredient does Tim add for tannins? What is their next concept for cider, one I am just over the moon excited about? What cocktail does cider go great with at brunch? What is Tim’s “Appetizer Bagel” order at Bodo’s? Listen to find out! We nerded out on cider making in this podcast, the fermentation, the tasting notes. A must for cider lovers and anyone interested in home brewing. Great conversation!

Ready to try some cider? Potter’s Craft Cider is hosting their 2nd Annual Orchard Wassail Event TOMORROW, Saturday December 19th from 12pm-5pm at the cidery, 4699 Catterton Road in Free Union, one of only two cider events on the property this year! Join in this ancient tradition where folks sing carols to the trees in hopes of dispelling evil spirits and ensuring a healthy harvest in 2016. Check the link for more information. And go drink some cider!

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