018 – Dawn Story, Farmstead Ferments


11215700_10206202994207499_565664564009868905_nDid you know one third of all the foods we eat are fermented? Even chocolate. The art of preserving foods using water and salt is thousands of years old. And luckily is having a resurgence. Dawn Story of Farmstead Ferments is here to teach us the health benefits of super foods like kraut, kimchi, and water kefir.

Digesting food requires a ton of energy by the body. It’s hard work. But eating fermented foods not only aids the digestive process, but can provide good bacteria and enzymes the body needs to function. It’s why pickle and kraut juice are often called “Nature’s Gatorade”. Enjoying fermented treats is a way to allow your food to be your medicine. Kraut and water kefir are not only delicious, but easy to incorporate into your daily diet.

My favorite Farmstead Ferments product, Garlicky Greens, is a fantastic, tangy, crunchy combination of preserved cabbage, kale, and collard greens. I add it to pizza, put it in a quesadilla with black beans, or just eat it straight from the jar. Yum. And a pickle juice shot after a big fatty meal is my new favorite thing. Better than Zantac!

What is the difference between heat canning and her products? What is the difference between bad bacteria like botulism that can occur with canning and the good bacteria which evolves during fermentation? What is the difference between decomposition and fermentation? And why are fermented foods safer to eat than raw foods?

What is a healing crisis? Why did her mention of apple kraut cause me to almost break out in tears? Why does the quality of the salt used to ferment matter? All of these questions will be answered in this episode. Also listen for probably the dumbest comment I’ve ever made in the history of Man. I’m so embarrassed. Whatever. I blame lack of caffeine.

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