004 – Jenny Peterson, Paradox Pastry


524239_10204684830894365_6756337723933424149_nWelcome to Episode 4! Jenny Peterson is the lovely and vivacious owner of Paradox Pastry, just across the railroad tracks over from The Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, VA. Here’s you’ll find amazing hand pies, cookies, tarts, croissants, pies, almond pavé (a personal favorite), and six-layer cakes the size of your head! Jenny got her start at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris then as a personal trainer here in Charlottesville, where she tempted her clients with cake after their workout, hence the paradox. We had an amazing time laughing about beer and butter and The Guess Who, and after hearing about her time living in France, I want to move there. Today. In a city where “Buying Local” is encouraged, and not buying local sacrilege how do you operate a French pastry shop using only the best ingredients? When it comes to ingredients (and restaurants), is local always best? Listen to find out!

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  • Jon Tucci


    I’ve known Jenny since out of high school…I spent many days sitting at Bergin’s table (Jenny’s Mom)….huge crush…always a lovely smile…sweet girl…travelled to Paris to stay with her at her home…lovely host…good friend…will always love Jenny…

    • Jenée Libby


      Agreed. She’s fabulous! Thank you so much for listening!