001 – What is Edacious?


EdaciousLogo-Screen-MED300e·da·cious – /iˈdāSHəs/ – adjective. Of, relating to, or given to eating. From the Latin edere, to eat. Synonyms: voracious – gluttonous – ravenous – greedy – piggish.

Welcome to Edacious – Food Talk for Gluttons! In my very first episode I explain the journey that brought me to podcasting, what I hope to accomplish, and other assorted goals, passions, and dreams as they come to mind. I explain why I selected this particular word, what the outline of each episode will be, how you can contact me, how you can subscribe, and what I mean when I say “Don’t Should on Me.” I also go on, at length, about why Patton Oswalt and John Waters remain role models as to why we are here on this big blue orb in the first place. I’m excited for this new venture, this new stage in my life and hope you are too. When it comes to food, and life, let’s all be edacious!

For more information about my background, and on what a podcast is and how to subscribe, please visit my ABOUT page. Cheers!

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